View Full Version : Star Trek: Armada graphics corrupt with G200 in Win 98

26th May 2000, 11:19
I was running Windows 2000 and the game ran perfectly under it, but I've had to go back to Win 98 cuase some programs I need don't like Win 2k. I reinstalled Star Trek: Armada under Win 98 but the gameplay graphcis are compeletely corrupt. The intro movie runs fine, the main menu does also, but as soon as the game begins all I see is the grey shells of the ships. No starfield, no nebulas, no warp engines, not even the HUD! Just the grey empty ships. As I said the game ran flawlessly under Win 2000. Any ideas how to fix it?

My system:
Celeron 366
192mb RAM
Abit BH6
Matrox G200 Millenium with v5.52 drivers
Diamond Monster MX300
Win 98 SE

26th May 2000, 18:06
There was a HUGE thread about this at the Armada forums.
Apparently it's a common proble, with G200.
Try some older drivers...5.30 or 5.41...that was the solution offered over there at least....