View Full Version : g800 or g600 whatever?

25th May 2000, 08:33
anyone have an idea of when this card might be due out,possibly before christmas?also does anyone have the scoop on the g450?(from what i understand probably better to wait for the 6 or 800, Is matrox good about being on time with products or like 3dfx and late?
Is anyone else looking forward to a g800?

25th May 2000, 08:57
I definately want a G800 !


A few weeks back we had a couple of rumours showing up ...

One of those was that the G800 (or whatever Matropx decides to name it) should come out when DX8 is officially released.

But those were only rumours ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


What do you wanna know about the g450 ?


25th May 2000, 12:43
Yeah, I just hope it supports the RR-G =

25th May 2000, 15:43
I hope so too. I bet it does.

I want a G800 too! And to tell you the truth, I want a G450 as well.

Of course, I want a Matrox Comet, an Ultima, and an Impression. I already have a Millenium. I bet I can get a Millenium II cheap.

I'm thinking about starting a videocard museum. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


25th May 2000, 16:01
If you go by the recent pic of the upcoming G450 that was posted (on Sharky's I think), you'll notice no RR-G connectors.

Hopefully, that's just because it was a pic of an early alpha board...but RR-G users might wanna brace themselves for the possibility that G400 was the last card to support that capture card....

26th May 2000, 15:54
I agree with Paulcs, I want a g450, and the g800..

G400 on a G400