View Full Version : 2GIG File size limit in Avid Cinema

14th October 1999, 13:18
Is there a way to stop this ??
or is it some kind of limited version that comes with the Matrox Marvel G200 ??

Many thanks


14th October 1999, 14:38
This good be related to the 2 GIG file size limit in Windows. Avid Cinema may not be able to do "cut-list" type editing.


Jerry Jones
14th October 1999, 14:54

Based on what I read at the link
above, I don't understand why you're
even hitting the 2gb .avi file size
limitation. AVID Cinema supposedly
includes a way around it... as the
review above states.

18th October 1999, 09:20
The only 2 GIG limit is when you are capturing video in. That is the Windows AVI limit.

For instance, if I want to capture in my son's football game in one session, I would reach the 2 GIG limit. If I capture 1 quarter at a time, I may have four 1.5 gig files.

Don't misunderstand, all files are available in your project, they are just separated into four different files. If you put them right next to each other in the timeline, you'd never know they were split.

I am just now finishing such a project and the total video played back is well over 3 GIG.


Markus Zingg
18th October 1999, 12:49

In case you refer to the capture limit you can use avi_io for your captures. It lets you seamlessly capture into multiple files.

The free trial available at:

let you capture into 3 files therby giving you 6GB of video in one step. The full version supports 18 hours long captures or capturing into 100 files (total of 200GB) which ever comes first. You can spread the files over all HD's of your system.

AVI_IO's registering fee is $25. All registered users get free major new releases as well as free e-mail support.