View Full Version : Unreal Tournament Version 413 Patch: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000

Mr. Cold
21st May 2000, 12:15
Does this work with G400 MAX cards or not?

21st May 2000, 14:15
Yes, almost all of us who play UT are using it. The only catch is that they messed up the D3DDrv.dll file in 4.13. So you need to make a copy of D3Ddrv.dll from the 4.05b version and copy it back into the UT/System folder after installing the 4.13 version.


22nd May 2000, 19:01
Can anyone point me to a link to this file or e-mail me. I just installed UT for the first time and patched it with 4.13. I'm crashing after 5-10 minutes of gameplay.


22nd May 2000, 19:17
Here's the original Thread on the 4.13 Patch with the links.



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22nd May 2000, 20:13
Got it thanks. Well, I just played my first few games of UT and had good fun. I've been playing Q2 forever and finally decided to get a little updated. The only bummer is almost every online game requires me to download something, skins, maps, etc. Took me about 10 trys to finally get a game I could run without a major download.