View Full Version : Win2k + OGL + refresh rates

17th May 2000, 20:25
I've been running Win2k pro for a while with my G400 16Mb (no max) on the 5.04 drivers. My only complaint is I've yet to figure out how to get my refresh rates to apply to OpenGL games. No matter what I have the regular windows settings at I always run at 1024x768 @ 60Hz. An hour of gaming like that is not pleasant at all on the eyes. In win98 I play @ 85Hz. Is there some simple thing I'm missing? Or is it not possible?

Help! My eyes!

18th May 2000, 03:04
In Quake 3 you can put "\r_displayrefresh ##" to get a refresh rate of ##Hz.

Don't know about other games or a general solution.

HTH, Paul.

18th May 2000, 12:03
oops, forgot to mention I'm trying to do this with half-life