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Electric Amish
3rd January 1997, 03:45
I installed Q3 under duress.... (the guys wanted to DM at our last LAN party) So I installed and patched and when I tried to run it, all I got after the Id logo screen was a blank or white screen.

Can someone tell me what's going on?

I have the latest 5.52 drivers and TuboGL installed.


Athlon 700
Abit KA7
G400 SH 32mb
Aureal SQ2500 sound
E-Tech winmodem
Realtek NIC



15th May 2000, 11:40

Electric Amish
15th May 2000, 14:31


15th May 2000, 14:36
uninstall tgl and try again with rez @ 800 x 600 16bit

15th May 2000, 14:39
That is a tough one.

What type of power supply do you have?

Do your other 3D games work?

Delete Quake 3 totally and reinstall

Reinstall your vid drivers, *the right way*. Set your display back to "Standard VGA" and then reboot. When the system comes back up into Standard VGA, make sure that all of the Matrox drivers and f*.infs are gone. Then install the Matrox drivers.

Reinstall the TurboGL.

I would say reinstall windows, but that is only a drastic measure.

I hope something works.


15th May 2000, 23:28
Manually extract the appropriate TGL driver from the TGL install file.

I don't know if the problem exists with TGL 1.3, but it did with the original TGL. It wouldn't install the correct one on my Athlon - kept installing the PIII one. Problem is, they're the same size. I manually extracted the correct file, and things worked after that.

Just my $0.02

16th May 2000, 01:16
....and check the bios version and the agp driver ! sometimes it helps a lot

16th May 2000, 02:35
Well IF you want to use the TurboGL drivers, make sure your AGP Aperture Size is set to 256MB!

For me the ICD is faster though (K7 too) so in case you want to use the ICD, uninstall the TurboGL drivers for Quake3!

should work now if you're using 5.52.015 or 5.53.017 drivers! Earlier drivers should function too but I really like those last two! =)


Mr D. Ackerot
16th May 2000, 03:41
I believe you have to run Q3 one time and enter your CD-key before you patch (add the pointreleses to) the game.

Electric Amish
16th May 2000, 12:30
Ok, I completely removed the Matrox drivers according to the FAQ at Matrox. I reinstalled the VIA Chipset drivers off the Abit CDRom. I reinstalled the 5.52 drivers, and ran the GLSetup. I didn't reinstall the TGL or Q3. Still no go. I'll reinstall the game again and see what I get.

Anymore suggestions???

All I get is a flickering white screen and the sound skipping.