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16th October 1999, 18:45
I run my Abit BE6 with a Maxtor 13 GIG HD. I run the Highpoint 1.07 drivers (the latest and greatest) with ATA66 with the HD on IDE3 with the 80 pin cable supplied. The Maxtor Hard Drive pins are set to cable select).(For those that are not familiar with the Abit BE6 MB you can run DMA, UDMA with ATA33/ATA66with Highpoint Drivers. This is like on board SCSI through your EIDE, and the speed is really up there with great performance). That all works fine, no problems with all this stuff. I ran Avid Cinema with my Matrox Marvel G400 and it said my DMA was not set up with my Maxtor HD. I looked (on web sites and in technical docs on HighPoint, Maxtor, and other web sites) and there is no way to either check these DMA settings or change it. Anyone have any info on working on this? Thanx, and reply here please.
Steven Palmer
San Diego.

I run a Matrox Marvel G400 AGP with an:
Abit BE6 MotherBoard
Adaptec CD Creator 4
Pentium III 450
128 MB Ram
SB Live
Maxtor 13 GIG HD
2 3com Nic cards
Wingate 3.05
1 Symbios SCSI for my HP Photo Scanner
Boca 56K Int. Modem
Mitsumi 4801-TE CD-R
MS Precision Pro Joystick
Surfboard SB1200 cable modem
Shamrock 17" Monitor
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175Cse 4/1 printer/Scanner/Fax/copier
Note: I have the Matrox Mystique G200 16MB AGP Video Card, stashed away,
That I took out and replaced with the Marvel G400 on 10/13/99.
AbitBX6 MB
Celeron 300a
Maxtor 6.4 GIG HD
128 MB Ram
Netsurf NIC
SB Live sound card
Teac CDRom
Hercules Thriller AGP Video Card
Boca 56K Int. Modem
MS Precision Pro Joystick
Shamrock 15" monitor

16th October 1999, 18:49
Take a Look at your device prop for you Hardrive & you will see a box to put a check in for DMA ! its easy and reboot...

ASUS P2B Motherboard
128K Ram
ZyXel 128k ISDN Router
5 Port 100mps HUB
HP8100 CDR
GD2500 DVD
4 GIG Dat Tape Backup
Marvel G400
Sony Speakers/w Sub Woofer
HP 5200c USB Scanner
HP Deskjet 970CSE Printer
Vicam USB Video Camera
ADI MicroScan 19 inch Mon.
Canon ZR Mini DV Camcorder
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB
Microsoft Natural KeyBoard Pro USB
Western Digital 20 GiG HD
Win98 SE
Intel 10/100 NIC
Second Monitor 1084s Commodore

16th October 1999, 19:13
Um, JM thanx, but it is not there, running the setup with the Abit BE6 and using Highpoint drivers, the DMA box is not present when you go into the properties boxes and stuff like it is when you just run it on IDE on 1 or 2. That's why I asked if anyone else is running this setup and/or knows what to do, or maybe I can get away with this, as I have not yet actually made a video with Avid yet, it warned me when starting Avid and I ran the Tour and videos for learning how to use it.
Thanx, it is just hard to expalin to those that don't use this setup and it becomes to much work explaining the Abit BE6 and the Highpoint setup to those that don't have it.
I am trying, and like I said I don't have any problems and have been running computers for many years, but you guys here have al the Matrox experience, I have only run Matrox products for a year now and my first time with Avid Cinema is with my brand new Marvel G400, which seems to be working great, so far, I did fix the bad boot screen by going back to setup and removing the Dos-TV-Out, that re-flashed the Bios and fixed that was my only problem, that I am aware of.
Now this Avid Cinema telling me my DMA and my HD is not working.

16th October 1999, 22:00
Glad to see that you got your screen bootup fixxed! i see what your talking about on the DMA problem! dont have an answer for you! sorry! mostly likey UDMA 66 bug... who knows.. Since i have my UDMA 66 WD hardrive only running at stock 33 speed, i cant help.

Hope all goes well for you!


17th October 1999, 02:42
it looks like there is no problem with my DMA after all, so far it looks like Avid does not seem to recognize that Highpoint drivers for Abet BE6. I mean everything works but it somehow miss detecting it built into the drivers and tells you it is not there. So, no big deal, false alarm, I hope and think. I am finding it takes quite a bit of work setting up the cables and you must have very good connections and a learning curve to use Avid Cinema, the tuner, and many features. I heard that the software packages that come with the Matrox Marvel cards are for beginners, but since I am a beginner, they look good to me for now. I suspect I might have some videos done in a couple months, one reason is I wil not upload any pictures and movies on the Internet until I get a new ISP soon, right now my cable modem is 1-way and that is only good for downloads, not uploads.

18th October 1999, 16:11
The DMA is enabled by default in the Highpoint UDMA66 drives, there is no way to "uncheck" or "check" them, they simply are. Try running the Matrox HD benchmark program (I think the Avid software has one, too, I don't use Avid, I got one of the very first Marvel G200-TVs [Recently RMA'd] bundled with Ulead, and that program is a BUNCH easier to use.)