View Full Version : Help for problem with colors on TV out !!!

17th October 1999, 15:27
it's difficult for me to explain the problem that i have with my RRG and G200, but i try ...
when i play a mpeg movie, previously acquired from VCR and modified with Premiere, sometimes i see, only in the tv, some frames with changed colors, that are green and fucsia, but not in the same frame, it happens randomly, maybe at the start of the movie, or in the middle or in other points of movie.
What must i do to correct this "bug" ???
thanks for all replies

Brian Ellis
18th October 1999, 02:35

I once had a TV set which went "pink and green" at irregular intervals. I think this may be a critical feature that may happen only with PAL equipment, possibly something to do with the chrominance phase. The first thing I'd try is to view the problem clips with a different monitor.

Brian (the terrible)