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14th October 1999, 18:49
I've got a marvel g200 and am wondering if I should get the 5.30 drivers. I don't want to break the vidtools...
Can anyone confirm that the new drivers work with vid tools?

I don't suppose the DVD player software works again yet?

14th October 1999, 18:57

The 5.30 display drivers and the current VT are not a supported driver set. There will be a new VT driver soon. Please don't ask me for a date of release though.

What problem are you having with DVD?


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14th October 1999, 19:10
I think vid-tools are not supported with drivers 5.25 which seem to work fine for me.

The Zoran softDVD player hasn't been working with the last couple driver versions...

It says "DVD drive not ready, or drive empty."

I have other DVD software that works fine.

14th October 1999, 19:57
Hey, I'm just curious....

What's the deal with these driver releases that don't work with the vidtools?

If I released software that broke other stuff every few releases, I'd be out of a job.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic at all, I'm just really curious what causes certain driver releases to not support the video stuff.

Also, about DVD stuff.... Do you foresee a patch/upgrade soon that will allow the DVD hardware module to be useable with recent drivers as well?

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14th October 1999, 20:15
Hi guys,

there's a difference between not supported and it doesn't work.

Current VT is not supported with the current PD. You can still try it and it will probably work. But if you have any problems with this driver set, you are on your own because we won't support it.

Algo, we released PD drivers not VT drivers. Each VT is tested with one version of PD because of too many variables involved intesting.

Next VT will support 5.xx


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14th October 1999, 21:07
I see. That's understandable...


15th October 1999, 02:33
Ahhh yes, the new release of PD may work with VT, but will they work with the DVD Module? Not, I could almost guarantee.

15th October 1999, 10:37
Hi Olliver,

Could you elaborate on your news about new VTs ? I know you can't give a release date, but could you give a rough timescale (like, this year, 1st Q 2000, etc). And what kind of features could be expected apart from the fact that they will work with the latest powerdesk ?

BTW, did you read Docs post about the problem Michigan has with deer ? Someone told me that Buffalo are a real problem up there in Canada - apparently (and I'm only quoting) the damned things will eat anything in sight - grass, vegetable plots, sandwich platters, anything !

15th October 1999, 11:00
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15th October 1999, 11:54

Zoran will not work with the 5.X driver. You have to install the 4.X drivers(4.33 works) for Zoran to function properly.
Note: There will be a patch and a routine to follow in order for Zoran to function with the 5.X drivers.


Though there is a patch that will be made available for the Zoran SoftDVD this does not apply to the HW Module. With the HW you will have to use the 4.X drivers.


If I gave a date for a drivers release and then, for what ever reason, they don't get released everyone will be upset. - http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif
Tech Supp will not give release dates for that reason.
I can tell you that they will be released sometime this year (seeing you are kind enough to have given me the option).- http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

I did run into a Buffalo once and it seems that they like to eat Bear.- http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


All comments and statements are purely of my own opinion and in no way reflect on my employer.

15th October 1999, 14:03

Well thanx for the update on Buffalo migration patterns, I'm real glad to hear that they still travel in pairs. I hear that a few decades back they used to travel in herds, but that's progress for you. Over here (or even more in Holland) they would use the butt for parking bikes. As an aside, over here a Bison is something that you wash your hands in http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Olliver, good to see you again, I was beginning to think that you had been banned from posting or something. I appreciate taht you put a kinda timescale on the new VT release, I'm sure that it will help relieve the stress of a lot of readers in the run up to christmas. Don't spose you want to drop any more content details ?

And double thanx for the word on Buffalo and Bear. I'm just off to remove all insignia from my boyscout uniform in case a short sighted bison mistakes me for Smokey. Another online editor recommended that I study for the "video editing" badge, but I couldnt find anyone qualified to test me apart from his momma (and she was biased)

15th October 1999, 18:29
Hey Olly, is that a real bear or gummy bears?

Chris, hehehe, his momma huh? What did you do to fail the test? Benchmark a raid with a spreadsheet or what?

Now back to the topic. What month are these drivers coming out? What do they fix? What new features do they have?


16th October 1999, 07:56

Every time the word is out that new drivers are around the corner we have to go through the same thing. Haig has always stated that Tech Supp will not give driver release dates. There are procedures that we are made to follow, not always by choice, but just the same.

And just out of curiosity what is a gummy bear?


"Olliver, good to see you again, I was beginning to think that you had been banned from posting or something."

I could say the same about you!- http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif Just want to let you know that I am always around keeping an eye out.
I, like yourself, am limited as to the amount of time I spend on the net.- http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif