View Full Version : Rage 128 capture

11th October 1999, 16:53
Does anyone know if the Rage128 All In Wonder's capture compression is done in hardware or in software? It says it can do MPEG-2, which I imagine is a function of it's DVD chip (the "Rage Multimedia"?), but how about other methods?

Has anyone used this new AIW for editing? It certainly doesn't sound as focused on editing as the Marvel, but I'm curious about how it works.


Rob Morris
15th October 1999, 08:51
ATI Rage 128 All in wonder MPEG-2 recording is done in software. In order to record IPB frames you need at least a PIII 450 MHz.

PII 400 can only do I-frame MPEG 2 recording.

The bundled 'editing' is very poor for MPEG2.
About the only thing you can do with the bundled software is record and playback the MPEG2 files. Even cutting them is not possible.

Truly a sad state of affairs.

BTW, nice icons.