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25th March 2000, 11:02
I dont know if its my system config, but for some reason the game will crash back to desktop in win98 at random intervals with no explanation. It is really starting to annoy me because i dont often save and i always lose all the work id accomplished, i was originally running it in dual head, it crashed, so i thought it might have been the dual head, i just finished (or should i say have been booted) from the game when i wasnt using dual head, and frankly, its starting to get on my nerves!!!
Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong, im including my system specs below, if you need irqs or anything like that, let me know. Oh yeah, im running it in win98SE because i dont think that dual head works in win2k with the G400 right now


K6-2 450, 128MB SDRAM,Tyan Trinity ATX (S1598 2mb cache on board), G400 Max Card
Windows 98SE/Mandrake Linux 7.0

25th March 2000, 11:51
Hi Frankfurt,

Kruzin came up with this suggestion: Install the game while in SH mode (yes, disable dual head, reboot and install the game). Then you can go back and use DH mode once again after the game is installed.


25th March 2000, 12:20
I got the game last night.
Fought it for hours.
I could not get into a mission. The menus and intro where fine, but would dump to the desktop when trying to actually play the game.
Finally, as Rags said, I un-installed it, and re-installed it in SH mode (DH totally disabled, not just un-extending the desktop...tried that too). Then once installed and running, I re-enabled dualhead, and it's been working fine since.

I gotta say though...I'm not terribly impressed with the game. Looks good. Dualhead is cool, but not very useful (just shows cinematic views of whats going on, but you have no real control over it). The game itself just isn't that good. Maybe I need to play a little more...maybe I'm still sour from the hours it took to get it working right...but I have completed the Federation missions already (all 4 or 5 of em...yipee), and don't see it getting a lot better. It's just the same old thing. Warcraft set in space. I was under the impression there would be a real 3-d universe with 3-d maps (like Homeworld). Nope. Just (so far small) 2-D maps with fancy graphices. Yawn.

I'll start the Klingon missions today, and see if it's got anything more to offer...

25th March 2000, 17:24
i did like you said kruzin, and apparently it didnt work, the game still crashed! i did hear something about armada though, that is that it doesnt have very well implemented 3DNow! support on the K6 series, and i suppose that may make sense considering that the Athlon can actually run more 3DNow! instructions than a K6 can. So i guess i'll chalk up the problems to poor (maybe none) support for K6's. Just posting this to let others know about the possibility, i could be wrong on this, but considering my problems, i doubt it.


25th March 2000, 19:12
I think you're running the latest drivers, Frankfurt?? The 5.52 drivers?? What if you go back to the 5.41 drivers?? Might make a difference... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


25th March 2000, 20:22
I'm really not that impressed with the game. It's truly 2D. I like Starcraft best of all, still.

25th March 2000, 21:00
with regards to the fully 3d "feature" of the gamei know the situation on the game, and in some ways it is, i noticed that if there was a ship at the same location as another ship it will move up and attempt to wait on a higher plane than the first ship, i just want to be able to get it to work, i suppose if going back to the 5.41 (actually 5.30 drivers for me, got a ss7 mobo--i wanna use tgl as well) will get it to work, its worth a shot.


26th March 2000, 05:38
Got it installed. Had DualHead disabled, but had my Millennium II enabled, and the game tried to start on that?? Go figure.

Anywho, was having some problems with it crashing. Shut off the MII, turned back on DualHead multimonitor, tried again.

Amazing... Colors are awesome, the game runs (as long as you don't change res/color in the middle of a mission), and it's cool to be able to see all those things being built on the right display.

It seems to have captured Star Trek's feel quite well, I feel. I look forward to playing it all the way through. I've never played StarCraft, so I could care less if it looks like another game.

I'm on 5.30 drivers (the 5.52's are nasty), and I've no major problems.

Just my $0.02