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Paul C
13th October 1999, 13:36
I am using the new 5.30 PD drivers for the G400 and in the second level of H&D when you go up the ladder from the sewer and look to your right the game crashes or tears and the whole screen goes green then hangs. Is this the 5.30 drivers? I haven't tried with 5.25 but will at the weekend. Has anyone had the same problem?

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14th March 2000, 05:44
Yes I get exactly the same problem.

Did you ever get it to work?

14th March 2000, 09:09
Standard questions here, what drivers are you using, hardware in system, IRQ list, etc is needed for us to help with any problems you may have. The current 5.52 drivers(or the 5.50 beta drivers), should work for you. I DID notice that while the 5.50 drivers had fewer problems, the 5.52 drivers introduce a few new problems.

14th March 2000, 16:06
well Paul C my rig is identical to yours except for the ram but when i tried it i had 64mb of ram so...

it never crash for me and the only difference between and my rig and yours is my sblive.
Couldnīt it be a sound driver issue when some sound is popping up?

then again, try to patch the game if you havenīt done it already cause the game is pretty buggy

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15th March 2000, 06:44
Sorry chaps if you read the date of the first message, it was back last year.

I was only interested if Paul C had solved the problem. I assume by now he would have or given up and moved on.

As for system specs (the driver versions were provided in original message), I don't think they are relevant in this case. From browsing the related messages on this and Hardware forum it appears it is to do with changes to the drivers after 5.20 and the way the game loads large volumes of textures as this point in the game.

Out of interest Leporis, which drivers are you using?

15th March 2000, 10:22
iīm using 5.52

20th March 2000, 07:03

Going from 5.30 to 5.52 drivers does indeed solve the problem.