View Full Version : Any MURCers playing Everquest?

14th March 2000, 07:19
I haven't played EQ for almost 9 months. I reinstalled it on Saturday and had a great time with it. The game has matured a lot in the time I was gone..and to be honest it was almost a bit overwhelming at first. Once I remembered how to do stuff, it was all good times.
There seems to be some sort of G400/Win2K glitching when changing resolutions (black screen), but if you log off and then restart the game, the resolution has changed and stays there.
If any of you are in the game, give me a /tell.

Dukatt on Lanys T'Vyl

14th March 2000, 16:31
I refuse to play any game that requires a monthly fee just to join a server and play a bit http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

14th March 2000, 20:50
I think I'd be better off if I could just play for a bit....
As it is, I seem to get a lot of hours in for my 10$. The part that I resent is having to pay $60 up front for the game in the first place.

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