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8th March 2000, 17:39
What's up with the MURC Q3A server? I've gotten bumped off of it the last couple days. I can only guess that it was revved to the latest beta point release recently. I didn't see any postings about an upgrade. I don't normally use beta software (except for sw development) so I haven't updated since the last point release. Can anyone confirm this is the problem?

8th March 2000, 18:03
First of all, it's not a MURC server, it's a Matrox Tech Support server.

2nd, I have had no probs staying on it, I will try it again tonight.


8th March 2000, 18:51
Matrox, not MURC. You're right Rags. I know better (must be senility). I hadn't had any problems with the server in the past and I hadn't changed my Q3A software. So you're not running the beta either? BTW, how do you find the Q3A rev level? Didn't see it on the console or closing credits screen.

8th March 2000, 18:58
I don't have any of the point releases installed. I have the version that shipped on the cd.


8th March 2000, 19:09
Matrox did install a point release last week. Haig posted about it on thier forums....

(it was the very first thread in their new forums http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

8th March 2000, 19:57
Thanks. You know, I even read that thread over there but it didn't seem to register. So I take it Haig meant the latest beta vs. the actual release. I never see anybody on the Matrox Q3A server anyway so I guess I'll still wait for the final release. Again, does anyone know where to check the version number?