View Full Version : Flashing atrifacts in UT with 5.52!

28th February 2000, 03:45
Just installed the new PD 5.52 drivers and I'm not impressed. UT has all these flashing artifacts. It runs but it's anoying as hell. Had the same problem with both beta drivers and had to go back to PD 5.41. Anyone have any clues (Besides reinstalling PD 5.41)??


System Specs:
Windows 98SE
Asus P3V4X mobo
Latest mobo BIOS
Latest VIA Drivers
384Mb PC100 RAM
Two 9Gb Seagate Cheetah HDD's
Adaptec SCSI Controller
Panasonic DVD Player
HP DDS2 Tape Drive
Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 Sound card
Matrox G400 32Mb SH OEM
The system is NOT overclocked.

28th February 2000, 10:08
Well, all I can say is that I get NO flickering artifacts with the new drivers....

MSI 6167 (new 4.50 AMD agp drivers may make a difference there for me)
Athlon 550
256mb pc133
G400 mini-max
Sb Live! Platinum
Realtek 8139 PCI 10/100 Ethernet

28th February 2000, 13:43
What API are you using, D3D or OpenGL?


burre burrito
28th February 2000, 16:37
I know this problem well... i have had it in all but one PD, dont remember what version right now. I notice it specially in CTF Facing worlds on the back wall in the base. That thing is flickering like hell. And ofc those pilars on the other fort are not showing all the time and stuff...
well tell me if u get somewhere on this spot okay?

oh, almost forgot...
P2 350, 128 ram (64+32+32), 17GB HD, G400 32 DH vanilla (wich is the not max version right?), running D3D since its better on my system at least i thing so...

29th February 2000, 02:00
Thanks for the input people. I think I've sorted it out. First I thought I'd try 32bit colour. It made about a 70% improvement, dunno why but it did!! While surfing today I came upon a review of my mobo and it said to seer clear of the 4.20 & 4.19 VIA drivers. So, I reinstalled the 4.17 drivers and BINGO, no more flashing and flickering!!! So I guess it may not have been the PD 5.52 drivers. Anyway, I'm happily fragging away now. Thanks to all that replied.
BTW paulcs, I'm using D3D as I can't get OpenGL stable enough.

29th February 2000, 16:44
Well, it seems it may not have been the VIA drivers, well sort of!! I noticed after I reinstalled the 4.17 drivers that my vid card was runnig at AGP 1X. Tried all sorts of stuff to get it to go to 2X (thats what it used to be) but, no go!! So I decided to load up just the AGP driver (can't remember what version, but it's not the latest one). Well, my flickering and stuff all came back and pcilist says I'm running at AGP 4X, hmmmm. I changed the AGP setting in the BIOS to 2X and the flickering stopped but gameplay seemed laggy/jerky. Changed the AGP BIOS setting to 1X and gameplay is perfect..