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29th February 2000, 06:12
This is what to do, install w2k, and the w2k matrox drivers, that support opengl and direct3d, I guess no one has come across this yet but you can change the code in q3 to take advantage of the dual processor.
Its easy but i left it at home, email later when i get home from work. its easy. I have done testing with w2k on a dell 410 with dual 750 w/256mb and 20 scsi harddrive and
a v770 32m AGP before I insert the code at
640x480x16 got 70fps insert the code got 80fps. thats a 10fps increase.

Intel P3 750 Coppermine
PC-133 256 mb
two 13 gig harddrives
matrox G400 Max overclock (180/240)
Creative DVD 6x
Dell Motherboard

29th February 2000, 10:35
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