View Full Version : OpenGl and Games

26th February 2000, 16:55
Every time I use TurboGL in games, it either doesn't want to start up or I get a black screen at the beginning of the game. When I uninstall the turboGL driver, for example Quake 3, it works fine. Can some help me with this problem.

By the way, I useing 5.50.010 drivers.

26th February 2000, 18:25
try loading your game w/o turbo gl and then going back and putting in back, also try w/ resolution 800x600 first also check the many threads on this subject. this is a good board to check.

27th February 2000, 06:56
Note that you don't really need TurboGL any more with the new drivers.

The regular ICD is just as fast, in some cases a little bit slower or faster, nothing significant.

And using the TurboGL you lose the ability to
- take screenshots
- Alt-Tab away from the game

27th February 2000, 17:46
You can take screenshots with the TurboGL...I did so just a couple of hours ago.

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