View Full Version : wierd shadows in q3 with latest drivers

26th February 2000, 15:22
i just installed the latest win98 drivers (uninstalled using matrox's uninstaller, then rebooted and told it where to find the new drivers when it asked) fine.
so i go into q3 and run a timedemo, and the shadows are all flickery, like in the old days what would happen when you had 2 textures on top of one another and the 3d driver couldnt tell which was on top.

that was bad enough, but didnt affect framerate... but now, quake chokes about half the time getting into a game, and it slows WAY down every 2 seconds or so, then speeds back up.. it usually goes away when i axe powerdesk (pdesk in the task manager) but not always

any ideas?


Dual celeron 366@550
abit bp6
128mb ram
9gb udma/66
18gb udma/66(running on the udma/33 controller)
g400 32mb DH
yamaha 4416e 4x4x16 cdrw
creative 2x dvd drive
mx300sound + mx25 digital out (a3d digital sound, baby)
generic ne2000 isa netcard