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26th February 2000, 03:35

I would like to purchase Janes F-18 but I have heard of problems in using it with a g400max. Could someone give their opinion/info on this matter. Thank you! GPJ

Don DN
26th February 2000, 11:52
I only just bought a copy of Janeís F/A 18 in the UK and overall itís quite playable on a G400 with some tweaking - however there are a number known issues, both general, and specific to the G400 that you might want to consider before making a purchasing decision: Firstly, the sim is prone to random lock-ups from time to time, happened to me a few times already in short time Iíve been playing - this seems to be a cross platform problem that a significant number of people are reporting in the newsgroups, EA are suppose to be addressing this in the upcoming patch . . . As far as the G400 goes, there seems to be compatibility problems which adversely affect frame rate, Iím running at 800 x 600 medium settings and itís quite choppy at times, especially when landing on the carrier - here in particular thereís a major bug; just before you touchdown (or crash!) the carrierís tower and part of the ships deck becomes transparent and the frame rate slows down to a crawl, happens with auto landings, but then at least then you get down . . . Itís remarkable, but the developers have admitted that the game wasnít even tested on a G400, the readme only refers to the G200 in the supported chipset section . . .

Like I say, itís playable with a bit of work and if youíre in to flight sims then nothing Iíve told you will be of any surprise, itís pretty hardcore so thereís plenty to get to grips with between now and the patches - hopefully theyíll address the G400 problems soon and optimise the graphics for smoother gameplay . . . Finally, as a sim it doesnít grab you straight off and initially the graphics look pretty basic, but there are a lot of subtle and well modelled aspects to the game that IMO make it worth the effort and expense . . .

Don DN . . .

26th February 2000, 12:16

Thanks for your insight into your experiences with Janes F-18. I think I may wait to see if fixes will be made available. I appreciate your response! GPJ