View Full Version : new Win2k drivers STILL SUCK in Quake 3!!!

25th February 2000, 00:08

These new drivers just the same as previous and I still have small graphics glitches in Quake 3... Especially when using "bilinear" filtering and medium texture quality.

Anyone have/had any graphics flaws in Arena?

MATROX whats the matter???

25th February 2000, 07:07
Umm... works fine for me. Perfectly in fact, better than Win9x at any rate. No visual problems at all.

Perhaps it's something else in your system? Describe the problem in detail and we can help...

- Gurm

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25th February 2000, 07:42
No, my system is fine: p3-450/128ram/22hdd/SBLive/Win2k Server/Win98 SE

and G400 dh 32 mb.

It seems like those glitches disappearing sometimes.. but anyway they are annoying..

Try to play Q3DM12 quake 3 level with "bilinear" filtering.. The textures with the orange stripes sometimes rendered as white or red color, in the distance.

25th February 2000, 11:20
I've got glitches in Q3 with the 5.03 drivers too, strange shadows in the first demo, didn't have these glitches in the 5.01 beta, and the 5.03 is 2 fps slower in 1024x768x16 than the last beta, hmmm?

the beta ICD worked very nice, just a few glitches with some lightning, and the release is worse? wtf...

John Rambo
26th February 2000, 06:10
NEW WIN98 DRIVERS 5.52.015 and Q3A

same problem here!! All settings at max G400 DH 32MB,1024x768x32x32,16z,8bit stencil, full texture slider,bilinear.
I`m using OPENGL ICD and shadows under players are corrupt, probably z-buffer bug.
I agree with you quilty, ICD is slower then last 5.50.010.

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26th February 2000, 10:17
Yep, new Win2K drivers are a bit iffy. I get these really irritating shadow flickerings, and the main menu is all screwed up (I had this problem previous Win98 drivers too) Oh why, WHY!!!!