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24th February 2000, 09:48
What do you ppl think of me installing a linux distribution on my win98 partition... can someone recommend one of these linux distribution that will work on win98... there are many but i want one with ease of use and good gaming support...

24th February 2000, 14:36
A linux instalation must be done in a separate partition, it uses a diferent filesystem. Linux isnīt really a win32 aplication, you know http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif There is something like you described: itīs called winlinux 2000, but I canīt really give u a link... do a search...

24th February 2000, 14:55

But I havenīt been successful to get it to work properly...


24th February 2000, 16:28
That is not the only one, there is corel Linux, PhatLinux, if you go to any linux download website they will list lots of versions that are able to be installed and ran on a linux partition, a semi complete list can be found here: www.canadacomputes.com/cc/section/pub/story/1,1101,2678,00.html (http://www.canadacomputes.com/cc/section/pub/story/1,1101,2678,00.html)

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24th February 2000, 23:33
I really don't recommend installing Linux on a windows partition. I don't know if Windows will handle it okay. I would use Partition Magic, or something else, and make separate partitions.

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