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9th October 1999, 14:14
I know sound stupid to ask the different between them. I am just a newbie of this kind of product. I have 2 UMDA 66 hard disk. Which one of the two the best one for me to use?


9th October 1999, 18:01
That's easy. The Fasttrak66. Using the Fasttrak33 would be wasting the potential of those drives. The extra performance will be well worth the extra cost.

Dr. Mordrid

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10th October 1999, 10:26
Thanks for your respond

So I will use then fasttrack66. I thought fasttrack66 is kind of cntroller to convert UMDA 33 on the mainboard which does not have capabalities to handle UMDA66. And fasttrack raid to stabilize vieo data coming from the video source.

11th October 1999, 17:22
Be careful if you have a Marvel or RR-G. I am using a regular UDMA 66 Controller and when I record onto the UDMA 66 HD the audio was distorted. The only way I could fix it was to get a program from my HD manufacturer that allowed me to change the mode to UDMA 33. Since 66 is just a burst speed which does not affect video capturing.

Also some others have had problems with the regular G400/G200 with hard drives running at UDMA 66. The way the person fixed it was by doing the same thing I did.

11th October 1999, 21:19
The ATA66 compatability issue wasn't a big factor with my Fasttrak66 since the controller is seen by Win98/NT4 as an SCSI device and not as an ATA-anything.

Add Winternals FAT32 filesysstem for NT4 and you have a real nice setup for a dualboot system.

Dr. Mordrid

12th October 1999, 09:00
Doc do you dual boot and use NT for NLE?

And if you do have you found NT to be faster or slower than Win9x for NLE. (better multithreading, eh?)