View Full Version : Rogue Spear EAX support

20th February 2000, 09:10
I have Rogue Spear, g400 and sblive, wonder if eax is automatic with sblive wire 3.0 or do i have to turn on something in the options for eax support, please help

Le Bodge
20th February 2000, 11:19
I vaguely seem to recall that this feature was introduced with a patch for the game (?).

20th February 2000, 15:12
In general, Liveware3.0 boosts support for EAX but EAX needs to be enabled within each game. Patches and links are available at the www.sblive.com (http://www.sblive.com) site.

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20th February 2000, 18:23

That's the answer i am looking for, thanks very much.