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20th February 2000, 04:38
canīt get it to work ! AvP and my G400DH, the game starts but it lookīs like software rendered, the game patch doesnīt work. Any suggestion why my G400 canīt display this wonderful game ?

System: AMDK6-2 450 oc to 500, NMC-board, 198MB, SBLive!, G400DH-32, about 10 gig Harddrive

20th February 2000, 06:50

I was just wondering why your drivers should be used? This is not having a go at you I was just wondering why your drivers are better than the matrox ones?

I looked on your site but could not find any information on it, have you done something interesting with the drivers etc...

Just interested that is all


Top Cat

20th February 2000, 07:34
Hi Top_cat,

NP just ask! Well, I did nothing special till now just some things which helped me to get my card running stable in most of my apps (not only games).

First of all I did some inf file cleaning, I deleted all the info there was which was not connected to G400 cards and tested this.

Next I noticed the newest ICD does not work on my system (it's unstable) but the 5.50.010 D3D and 2D drivers ran perfectly. So what I did was I paired the 5.50.010 cleaned driver with the 5.41 icd. Tested it and yup, it worked.

Then I thought, o.k. I've got a small G400 only driver what else can I add, what would be helpful? Reg patches for the users to set registery settings manually. Checked the reg settings of the 5.41 driver and put some stuff together.

Next I implented the TurboGL drivers but they were too big and they are available seperately so why bother...

Next I did put in a Glide wrapper which was working very well for me (Pandemonium 2, Croc, ...) this wrapper was kept (it's cool)!

Now (v1.21) I've added a first version of my G400 FAQ which will hopefully (with a lot of support) grow and be useful for G400 people!

The future? Well, we'll see, I might just continue and combine the best working drivers and add some goodies or I might modify the drivers whereas this is not really allowed and not secure anymore.

Well that's it. I was just surprised that so many people liked my driver pack and told me it helped that I'm now suggesting it as a possible solution to specific problems! All I say is try it it might help!

kindest regards

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20th February 2000, 09:01
As I said in another thread yesterday:

I don't suggest anyone download hacked up drivers. You have no idea what you are really getting, or what they are infected with.

PYK - Please stop pushing "your" hacked drivers here. You are violating your software agreement with Matrox by hacking and posting these.

20th February 2000, 09:10
Item #1 on the software/driver licence on the Matrox web site...

"No right to recopy, sell, distribute, license, sub-license, alter, modify, disassemble, de-compile or reverse engineer any driver in any manner whatsoever is hereby given. Violation may result in severe civil and/or criminal penalties as violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible; "

20th February 2000, 09:59
There is a special version of the Executable for Matox G400s. Go here > http://www.avpnews.com/support/patches.html Toward the bottom of the page you will find a link to "avp_103_worksong400.zip". It's found by clicking on the "G400 Offical Patch". That's the Ticket! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

20th February 2000, 15:26
Kruzin: O.K. I'll try to keep my driver pack posts low but my only intention is to deliver some working stuff. I'm sorry if I thereby do any harm to the forums and I promise to keep the posts low.

I will however, contact Matrox (because they did not contact me!!!) to ask them various things beneath which a question will concern my driver pack! We'll see what they answer!

If they do not feel disturbed by my doings, would you post some news about new driver packs on the site or in the forum? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif Just asking o.k.?! =)

20th February 2000, 15:52
One last thing, Kruzin, do you know a good contact @ Matrox who I could write to having several important questions to ask! Please mail me the addresses you'd propose! Thanks a LOT!

Mail's: myG400@paraknowya.de

kindest regards

20th February 2000, 16:31
hi Dirtydorti, i see you have a k6.
I have a P2 and Avp runs perfectly on my g400 without the AvP g400 patch (only doesnīt run the videos) and with the patch (which make the videos run). why donīt you try the 5.30 PDesk. Mos k6 users have better results with his one

20th February 2000, 17:59
Please try the following (I can play it with this solution!):

download my driver pack from www.paraknowya.de (http://www.paraknowya.de) and the PD uninstaller from www.murc.ws (http://www.murc.ws)

uninstall the old driver, reboot

install my drivers, voilā, just change the display settings to your favourite ones and start the game.

Let me know the result! Thanks! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif