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17th February 2000, 16:41
Greetings all.

I'm starting to encounter a few 'issues' with UT. It GPF's and boots me to the desktop when loading *some* maps. Others are fine. It seems to be a totaly random occurance. Can't do timedemo's either. Same scenario.

I'm running a reasonably overclocked system (specs below), so i tried pulling everything back to standard speed. This made no difference.

This is the only game causing me grief. Q2, Q3A, Tomb4 etc are all running like a treat.

Any ideas?

BTW. On a slightly different note, Is ther anything to be gained by updating the bios of the G400?



PIII 500E @667 mhz on Abit Bh6 rev 1.0
128 mb PC133 Ram
WD 13gig, 7200 rpm, Expert hdd
Matrox 16mb G400 D/H overclocked approx 20%
Aureal Vortex 1.0 Sound card
Pioneer DVD, Matsushita CD-R, LS120

Win 98SE, DX7.0a, PD5.41 drivers & TGL.

17th February 2000, 17:48
What version of UT are you running? With 4.05 I occasionally have the same thing happen, but fortunately not very often. With the previous version, it never ever happened - not even once.
I have nothing overclocked on my system. I don't really think it's hardware related.

17th February 2000, 19:15
I'm running version 4.00