View Full Version : Half Life and Win2k?

17th February 2000, 14:00
Has anyone got half life running correctly on a G400 in Win2k with the latest beta drivers. I installed all the latest patches and stuff, but when I try to run in Direct3d, it runs the game fine, until I hit escape anyway. When I escape to get back to the menus, the screen just goes black, and I have to shut down the program in windows. Does this happen to anyone else? It doesnt do this in OpenGL, but I dont think OpenGL in half life is up to par yet. Should I install the turboGL drivers? I always play at 1024 and above and have a P3@585.

17th February 2000, 15:10
From what I have heard from just about every message I have read on this board, you sould DEFINITLEY be running Half-Life in opengl mode. The direct3d on Half-Life is just a direct3d wrapper.


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17th February 2000, 15:29
Is this just for Win98 or Win2k? I always ran it in Direct3d in Win98 b/c it seemed to run faster, especially before TurboGL. Has anyone else played halflife under Win2k? If so, what are your results? Should I install the latest TurboGL or is the latest full ICD good enough?


17th February 2000, 17:19
Are you talking about W2K or Windows 98. You don't want to install TurboGL in Windows 2000.