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10th October 1999, 07:21
Hi all!

I have been using a Mystique 220 with RR for sometime, but have recently upgraded to an ATI Rage 128MB graphics card.

I would like to continue using the RR for video capture, but I only have one monitor.

Trying to install my Mystique drivers fails, and of course, RR won't run if it detects they are missing.

Can anyone help please?


10th October 1999, 13:08
Yeah your problem is simple. the RR is a daughter card to the matrox card. it ONLY works with the appropriate set of cards from matrox. It won't work with your ATI card.

10th October 1999, 13:11
Running two video cards is never easy, and even more difficult when you want to use vidcap as well.

The Myst/RR will insist on being the primary card for you to capture, but to tell the truth I've never dabbled with this myself. Life's to short ya know ?

A few folk have brought up this kind of problem before but I don't recall ever hearing a simple solution.

10th October 1999, 13:38
Thanks guys...I know I need to keep the Mystique installed too...what I'd like to do is set the system up to use my ATI Rage for everything except video capture.

It appears that I have to use the Mystique as my main card - but what would I lose in functionality of the ATI card by doing this?

Or is my answer to shell out for a separate capture card to run alongside the ATI?

Thanks again!


10th October 1999, 13:49
I ithink you need specialist advice, but the truth is there ain't many specialists about.

I'd try keeping both cards installed and rigging your BIOS to recognise the Matrox as primary, then installing the drivers and checking that you can still operate vidcap OK.

Then switch the ATI to primary and install its' drivers and check that all its functions work too.

If all is OK so far, then you can switch at will between the 2 via bios.Then you'll have to create seperate hardware profiles for your windows setup to load the right drivers.

This is a bit speculative, as I haven't tried it, but assuming that it does work as it "should", then you will be able to run either card at will. OK, not elegant, but not a major headache either.

11th October 1999, 12:32
Thanks for that...I'll give it a go...wouldn't be suprised if I end up getting a separate video capture card though!

Cheers for your help,