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laika no mates
10th October 1999, 14:48

I have a Rainbow Runner G Series and a Mystique G200 AGP and am running
Ulead Media Studio Pro which came bundled.

I have no problem getting output to my television/video, the problem arrises
when I come to play back an MJPEG AVi file full screen, the quality of
display and video playback is excellent however the TV display suddenly
becomes black & white!! this also happens if I play it back direct from
Active Movie Control & PC-VCR control (obviously the display on the monitor
is full colour, so is the TV up until full screen playback is activated and
the card is set for PAL and not NTSC).

I have seen in the manual for the Rainbow Runner that it only supports MJPEG
video files at 16 or 32bit - but when I try to change the MJPEG settings in
Media Studio Pro it only gives me the option of 24 bit. My monitor is
currently set on 16 bit, I can get the full screen playback function to
produce colour output if I change the monitor settings but it changes to a
much smaller display and the playback is very jerky.

Please can you help, I have some very important video work to do and am
unable to make a start until this problem is resolved.

many thanks,

11th October 1999, 03:11

Well, I can't answer your questions directly, but I do remember these problems from other people...

You will need to 1) check the Idiots guide FAQ's... http://idiots-guide.matroxusers.com/ and 2) scroll through this forum as far back as you can because there are previous posts somewhere...

Good Luck,

Mark F
11th October 1999, 08:07
There is also a handy search function for the forums. Toward the upper right of the page layout. You may find it nery usefull for help with this type of problem. Unfortuately I can't help answer your problem directly.

Mark F.

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Phil Pugh
11th October 1999, 08:48
The RR will only support overlay on your graphics card at 16bit (and 32bit?). MJPEG uses 24 bits but these two pieces of information are totally independant! Ensure your destop display is set to 16bit and try again.