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11th February 2000, 01:25
Hi i've downloaded the new drivers and they generally work sweet in Quake and Half-Life (bit faster than last TurboGL in fact).
However I cannot get them to work in Q3A, the game just locks up after the intro screen, if i try and skip the intro screen it just draws the first frame before the main menu, just a black screen with the q3a logo and locks up again.

Stuff in the sytem that are relevant are:

Celery 300A @ 450
AOpen AX63 M/B
Matrox G400 DH (non-max)
SB Live
BT848 based tv tuner
Iwill Scsi controller

11th February 2000, 01:41
have a look into your Q3 folder (and baseq3), if there's any OPENGL32.DLL and delete it if it's present.

11th February 2000, 03:11
Thanks but i've already cleaned out all the copies of the TurboGL. It crashes with other things that do work if I dont get rid of it. Tried forcing 1xAGP too, that didn't help.

11th February 2000, 10:23
I just installed the new drivers (win98) Q3 and all other games run very well, but if I remove the opengl.dll and g400icd.dll the game swont run anymore... (request opengl by games)

Do I have to delete those (2x dll)? Or are they replaced by the new 5.50.1 drivers?
TurboGl is not needed anymore? please explain, I'm all confused about this..

I never installed the 5.50 beta drivers.. I upgrated from the 4.51 drivers

PIII-500, 128 MB, G400 MAX DH on, ABIT BH6, MX300

11th February 2000, 13:27

Do not delete OpenGl related dll files from your Windows\System folder. These are the Windows and Matrox OpenGL ICD files!

The ones you can delete are TurboGL related; they are in the specific game folders. Since you upgraded from 4.51 I don't think you have the TurboGL installed anyway, so no deleting should be necessary. That said, it's always a good idea to unistall your old drivers using the Matrox uninstallation utility.

Hope this helps,

Abit BP6, Dual Celeron 366@550, G400 32MB DualHead, 128MB RAM, WD26500 6.4GB, SBLive! Value.
Running Mandrake 6.1 and Windows 2000.

12th February 2000, 18:49
I also have this problem with the new betas, even after a driver uninstall - Half-Life OGL is fine, as is SS2, but Q3A ( retail ) hangs after the intro.

AGP x1, tried different AGP apertures & desktop colur-depths / resolutions. Same prob using TGL. Fine with earlier versions.

Hope this is ironed out in the finals...

Win 95 OSR2.1, DX 7
Celeron 500 66 FSB
Epox 61LXAM
Matrox G400 SH 16 MB OEM
Adaptec SCSI

13th February 2000, 17:43
Found quite a good solution - just use the 5.30 icd with TurboGL - that way I get the improved (?) DirectX performance of the new beta in SS2 etc, but decent TGL for Half-Life & Q3.

Interesting though - trying to use TGL with the beta drivers also causes a hang, even though the icd works fine.

Is it just me & Shogun having these problems ? Anyone else ?

13th February 2000, 18:27
Correction - the 5.30 icd works with the new betas, but only in 32-bit, and _not with the TGL. All of which may or may not be usefull to someone out there.

What's the Matrox e-mail for sending comments like these ?