View Full Version : Have i bought wrong RRG???

7th October 1999, 15:39
Hi, i hope you guys can help, im frantic
i recently ordered a G400 Max and a RRG
to replace my marvel from insight uk.
I recived my RRG a few days ago, and im still waiting on the max, fair enough, i know there sought after... my problem is this
after curiosity getting the better of me i started looking at my rrg, seperate sound inputs, TV tuning, oohh im getting all excited :O)
then i looked at the side where it says which version it is: GS/RRUPG/I
not UK... agggghhhhh
am i screwed... i presume i should have the uk version, i mean i ordered form the uk part of insight.
am i right in thinking that the I, stands for international and therefore will work???
or am i clinging to desperation?? i hope you can help....anyone....please......
p.s. i am in Hull, Humberside, in England

7th October 1999, 17:25

what does the TV Cable connector look like?


8th October 1999, 01:37
hi Haig
the tv connector looks like the regular one im used too ie the one in my tv and video.
which kinda gives me hope
until i read this http://shop.matrox.com/europe/products/products.asp?product=GS/RRUPG/I
at ht bottom it says he international version is for use in all european countries apart from the UK aaggggghhhhhhhhh

unless anyone else knows different????

8th October 1999, 16:17
I just though id let you know how im getting on Haig.

i recieved an email back from Insight UK today
in which thet requested the serial no, ect and stuff like that.

They said that there seems to be a mistake made by matrox and they need the info to look into it further ?????????????

so now i left to wonder why they sort it out..
i suppose the good thing is that i havent recieved my MAX yet, so i couldnt use it anyway lol

right,im off to try the 5.30 drivers on my Marvel G200 :O)

see ya


8th October 1999, 19:10

for the life of me, I can't figure out why it says that it is for all but the UK. Makes no sense cause it's the same tuner.

If anything, it might be just paperwork related as in a different software bundle.

In any case, if the TV Tuner connector is a Europpean connector, you have nothing to worry about. All RRG cards are identical. The only difference is that we have one with a NTSC TV Tuner and another with a PAL TV Tuner.


9th October 1999, 00:56
Thanks Haig :O)
i just plugged in my tv areial to test it
it fits :O)
just to be sure is the ntsc plug totally different???

9th October 1999, 17:04
There are indeed 2 different PAL versions, I know, Matrox sent me the wrong one intitially to review. There is the mentioned International PAL version for continental Europe and a UK/Eire PAL version. That is unless they have switched recently to using the PAL TV tuner as used on the Marvel G400-TV as that seems to support both PAL types in one tuner.

9th October 1999, 17:52
Hi Ant,
well i recieved it a week ago, i think it was the last of the last batch insight got instock. so i would presume it is a recent verison of the RRG?

thanks for explaining the 2xpal versions, but im still unclear on a few things.

I have the International, so saying my MAX came tomorrow (i wish lol)
if i plugged it in, all would work except the tv tuning part?

or if it is just one pal version of RRG now (would make sense), how am i to know which one mine is?

would the serial number ect, help????

MFG P/N: 79075010549
S/N: AK91207

10th October 1999, 16:28
The Rainbow Runner-G will work you will just not be able to get a TV signal. On my Rainbow Runner-G box these two PAL versions are listed:

GS/RRUPG/I - international PAL

Initially I received the top one and it would not tune but everything else worked fine, it was then replaced by the second one which tunes in perfectly. To confuse things further the Marvel G400-TV is listed as an International PAL tuner but works fine with the UK/EIRE PAL. So unless Haig can come up with anything you'll have to wait for your MAX and see if it will tune in to the BEEB.

10th October 1999, 17:41
Well, at least i know i have definatly got the wrong one now..
i just hope its sorted out quick
worst case senario is i get my MAX and then i have to wait for ages for insight to get new uk stock and then send me one, i doubt the would let me use the rrg i have and then return it, problem is i just promised my marvel to a friend, and i cant really be doing without Mjpeg editing (im a media student) :O)
aggggghhh oh well..
only time can tell what will happen now...