View Full Version : Quake3 Point-Release crashes on G400 with both OpenGL drivers

9th February 2000, 20:18
Has anyone else had this problem. It almost always makes my computer reboot. I have some really nice hardware too. BP6, SBLIVE VE, 3COM 905B, G400 16MB, 128MB RAM, Celeron 550, running in windows 98. Quake3 DOES NOT have this problem with the executable off my quake3 CD. It only crashes when I use the new point-release. Has anyone else had this problem? I've tried using the turbo and the normal OpenGL drivers and I get the same result. Sometimes it'll happen almost immediately after I join a game or up to 3 hours after I join.

10th February 2000, 04:16

I am also using the point release on 2 systems, and never had a single problem. Could a hardware conflict or IRQ sharing be responsible for these reboots?


11th February 2000, 07:53
You were right. My sound card wash sharing an IRQ with the video card. (the sound card was in PCI slot 1) I've moved things around accordingly and now nothing is sharing and quake seems to run great. Thanks for the tip.