View Full Version : OpenGL vs D3D in HalfLife

11th February 2000, 06:41
I have installed the TurboGL driver 1.0 and am running Powerdesk 5.41. I have no problems running Halflife in either OpenGL mode or D3D mode but when in D3D mode I get no wall damage. This is not the case in OpenGL mode... Any ideas?

11th February 2000, 07:25
If by "wall damage" you mean blast marks, blood ans such...Those are reffered to as "decals". They may be showing up, but you just can't see them. Go to your console, and type "gl_polyoffset". That will give you that variables current value. Then type "gl_polyoffet -0.01" to set a new value. D3D mode needs that -0.01 to show them properly.

But I would not bother. HL is an OGL game at heart. I run it only with OGL. It performs better than the games D3D wrapper, and D3D does not show all of the effects properly (some not at all).