View Full Version : Cant get Adobe to work

9th October 1999, 10:47
Due to some annoying problems with my OS i had to re-format and re-install everything. Yet im running into a problem with Adobe Premier 5.1.

When trying to export a small sample clip, i get an error stating that the frame rate or resolutiuon is incompatible or something. The clip itself is 704x480@30fps. So i figure that Adobe has defaulted to 640x480. I change the resolution and frame rate and the same thing happens.

Getting a bit annoyed i load up Panasonics Mpeg plug in and try to export to mpeg that way and well, i get a different but simular error (wrong frame rate or resution, followed by a Disk Full error).

Anyone else having this problem? I wasnt EVEN having a problem before the re-format, I havent bothered installing the 1.50 drivers since its worked fine without them.

Theres some prem50.ini file, not sure where it goes. As for the pre-sets, there copied into the settings folder, is that all i need to do? Or is there something i need to do in Adobe to enable them.

9th October 1999, 13:28
Ignore the above, re-installed the OS again. Everything seems to be working now.