View Full Version : RR won't sync. up to Canon camcorders

Keith Wiebe
21st September 1999, 16:56
One problem I haven't been able to fix is to output from my Rainbow Runner and Maystique 220 to my Canon camcorder through either the svhs connector or the RCA output. I've had no luck with my older Canon A1 camcorder also (lastest camcorder is the ES3000). It will sync ok if first outputed to my JVC vcr and then back out to my camcorder. The vcr and tv work perfectly ok with my RR. Any ideas?

9th October 1999, 10:30
Have the same problem with a Canon ES4000 Hi8
camcorder. (Old Sony CCD-V99 works fine). My solution is to use a JVC 4 x 2 electronic switch between the RRS output and the S-Video input to the ES4000. The unit is a JVC model JX-S300 and is probably 8 years old, but it totally solves the Canon "sync" problem for me.

Also tried running the RRS output into the Sony CCD-V99 S-Video input and the CCD-V99 S-Video output to the Canon. i.e. the Sony "synced" the signal in pass through enough that the Canon could use the signal. This worked fine also.

I have wondered if the RRS output is too high in signal level rather than being sync sensitive and thus causing the "non-synced" Canon issue??