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8th October 1999, 12:16
I need to purchase a Matrox product to do video editing. I have read some of the other topics here and clearly see that I have a choice between the Marvel G400 and the G400+RRG combo. Three things:

1. Am I correct to assume that the Marvel is the same as the combo except it comes all in one and has different software?

2. I have access to other software, such as Premiere. What is the better purchase in this case?

3. Has anyone tried MGI VideoWave 2? If so, what are your thoughts?


9th October 1999, 07:27
The Marvel G400 unfortunately comes with the Avid Cinema editor. Yech....

I see your choices as twofold:

1. Marvel G400-TV but you'll need an editor upgrade from Avid Enema.

2. G400DH/RR-G without the editor upgrade because the RR-G comes with MSPro VE.

The G400DH/RR-G will use two slots, the AGP and one PCI. If you have a board with 5-6 PCI's then you're home free and won't need an immediate editor upgrade to function.

The Marvel G400-TV is better if you're short on free PCI slots, but it will need that previously mentioned editor upgrade.

If you live in North America, or are sneaky, I suggest upgrading the editor with the Ulead Media Studio Pro 5.2 upgrade package for $150 USD. The MSPro 5.2 "upgrade" can be installed with no previous version of MSPro on the system, just as if it were the full package.

Dr. Mordrid

9th October 1999, 09:22
No multi-monitor with the Marvel G400.

aka Chris H