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5th October 1999, 10:55
to view tv on my rr-g i have to edit the registry and type the frequenties from the dutch cable channels. I only get the channels which i already get when i choose for antenna!

Who knows the answer?

5th October 1999, 11:25
The answer is that the international publication listing the TV frequencies that Matrox used to write the registry entries was wrong.

There was a long thread about this way back in the spring. I don't know if Haig ever received an updated list of frequencies, but if you have one please let me/him know and we'll make sure that they are published for others with the same problem

5th October 1999, 12:23

Gijs has just emailed me with his registry patch for the Dutch cable frequencies. I've put this up in the download section of the site.

There is also an Australian reg patch there, if anyone has any others let me know and I'll host them

Thanks Gijs


7th October 1999, 01:03
Thanks for your reply, but the registry fix didn't solve my problem. Not even clearing all frequenties from the registry had any result. I just get the 5 antenna-channels.
Re-installing the software did not help. As if the country settings aren't right.
I keep on trying.

7th October 1999, 10:34
Gijs, your input required here.

I seem to remember in the original thread on this subject that different cable providers in the Netherlands use different frequencies.

Does this ring any bells ?

7th October 1999, 13:46
OK, Let's try again.

Gijs has done some overtime and found out that the cable services for Voortschoten are supplied by Casema. Unfortunately Casema appear to vary their frequencies from area to area.

He has kindly submitted a new .Reg file with the frequencies for Voortschoten, so please give them a try and lt us know if they work. They can be found on the downloads page.

7th October 1999, 13:46

Kientzrd: check mail.

7th October 1999, 19:36
Hi Chris,

I have asked the programmers to see if they can include some kind of a fine tuning feature in our remote. They way that the Netherlands is structured, there is no way for us to include the frequencies for all sections.

I think it would be easier if we just put in 1 standard set of frequencies for the Netherlands and include an easy fine tuning feature for our clients.

Only time will tell.


8th October 1999, 10:10
Hi Haig,

Yep, it sounds as if a seperate tuning facility on top of the current set frequencies would be a good move.

Do I understand correctly that the same problem exists in Finland amongst other places ?

8th October 1999, 10:44
Hi Chris,

Did I miss something ?

Not sure about the cable channels, the aerial channels change from one area to an other in here, but so far I have had no problems with the ones I get (no cable here as I live 10km from the nearest "City")


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