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6th October 1999, 16:11
Ok..here's the situation:
I've always had a Matrox Mystique 220 with Rainbow Runner Studio. Recently, I wanted Dual Monitor, so I added a ATI Rage 128. So the Mystique is my main card, and ATI is secondary (because of motherboard limitations).

The problem is whenever I play a video (any type of video file: mpeg, avi, asf) using Windows Media Player, it uses the Rainbow Runner Scaler filter. So, if I drag it to the ATI monitor, all I see is black. I've narrowed the problem down to the RR Scaler filter.

The question is: how can I go about using the MPEG Decoder for any normal video files, and the RR one for Video input/capture.

7th October 1999, 11:36
I have a very similar scenario. Primary video is Marvel G200-TV (AGP) and second vid is ATI Xpert'98(PCI). As you've noted, clips using the matrox codec (RRICM) only show up on the primary vid and play as a black screen on the ATI.
I have simply chaulked it up to the fact that the matrox codec only works on the matrox card. (Any clip using any other installed codec will show up on either vid)

7th October 1999, 13:11
ya..I know that the Matrox Codec doesn't work without the hardware..but I don't want to use the Matrox Codec for videos besides those encoded using my RR...is this possible..anybody know?

7th October 1999, 13:17
You may be able to use the Paradigm or Morgan MJPEG codecs. Read the Idiots Guides on the site, Uwe wrote one dedicated to using 3rd party codecs.

7th October 1999, 16:48
WOOOHOOO!!! You're AWESOME!! I installed the Morgan Codec..and it works!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks... But now I just have to decide whether or not it's worth the $25 to register...hmmm...anybody know if there are any free ones out there...

Kevin Culp
7th October 1999, 18:47
Yes, there is one that is free "for a limited time." It's the Pegasus Imaging codec, "PICVideo". Go to the <A HREF="http://www.jpg.com/imagetech_video.htm" target="_blank">Pegasus Imaging web site</A> to download and register the codec. I don't know how long they will maintain this offer, but the list price is $99...

Be advised there are currently a couple of problems with the codec, namely that it doesn't support half-resolution (e.g. 352x480) interlaced video. (They plan to release an updated version within the next couple of weeks that corrects this.) But it's great for quarter- and full-screen video and is very fast on my PII300. Another problem I've found is that the video has slightly more contrast when played through Windows Media Player. Not sure why, but they are looking into this for me. You may or may not have the same problem on your system.

- Kevin