View Full Version : Max screen res, depth during video capture/playback/edit

7th October 1999, 10:04

Could some one tell me please, for G200/400 RRG+TV, and if pos G400/RT2000, assuming max memory on board.

1. Max Screen resolution, depth during video MJPEG capture/playback/editing.
2. Do NT drivers (if avail) work with dual processors, RRs NT drivers won't even install.

NB. I have an 8MB Mill II + RRS with TV card combination in a dual processor PII 300 system based on a super micro LX mother board. This allowed the following Max Screen resolution, depth during video MJPEG capture/playback/editing

Matrox HW assisted MJPEG video capture/playback/editing @
800x600 24 bit
1024x768 16 bit
TV 1280x1024 16bit

as outlined in the manuals and of course not in any publicly viewable matrox documentation which kind of took the micky out of the Mill II bought for 1600x1280/24 work and crippled by the RRS for 2 years until drivers 2.10 which finally allowed working with 1600x1280/16 bit with out crashing every 5 mins.

If any one has managed to edit videos at 1600x1280/24 with a Mill II + RRs could you tell how you do/did it.

Thanx in advance