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6th October 1999, 02:43

I have a simple question. I have a machine which has a Matrox G400 16MB card - If i go to the store, and ask for a rainbow runner tv-card. Will it work straight on?
Or what must I do to get it work. Does the card need to be connected to the wintv card differently or...?

Thanks in advance,
~/Core Acidia

6th October 1999, 09:00
First off you can only add video capture/editing to a G400 DualHead. If it doesn't have DH forget using that card.

There are two Rainbow Runners in the stores: the Rainbow Runner Studio which works only with the older Mystique 170/220 cards and the Rainbow Runner-G which works with the G200's that have TV-Out and the G400 DualHead.

You want the RR-G.

Dr. Mordrid

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