View Full Version : Funky audio in MSP preview

5th October 1999, 09:41
Greetings everyone.

I'm trying to print to tape a 4 hour video from a MSP timeline in Preview. All goes well until about 50 minutes into the print and the audio becomes white noise. The individual AVIs sound normal when played back
I'm at a loss here (no pun intended).


Maxtor 17.2GB/
GXP 10GB/Fireball KA on
FastTrack66/Marvel G200/

5th October 1999, 23:09
Hi there,

maybe you can make a backup of the project file you have right now and then start changing the one your playing right now. If you cut of, let's say 10 minutes at the beginning, will the noise reappear after 50 minutes or now at 40 minutes? This may give you an indication to whether it is Ulead or maybe differences in the files. Did you capture with the same audio settings (it should not matter though).

Good luck, Marijn