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28th December 1999, 23:06
Hi, i just got my G100 and when i try to play in D3D mode in halflife/unreal/quake/etc.... everything, walls, doors etc appears different shades of white.

I have 2 questions
1. what is this problem called.
2. is there ANY way to fix this other than buying a new card.

28th December 1999, 23:30
Posting a screenshot would help identify the problem.

But...let's be honest...the G100 is not, and has never been a card to play games on. It is a 2D office card, and will never perform well (or even properly) in most games.

28th December 1999, 23:31
The G100 Productiva was designed, I believe, for business applications like Word and Excel, not Half Life. It is by no means a new board, and it just wasn't designed to do what you're expecting from it.

If you want an inexpensive Matrox board for 3D gaming, you might want to consider an OEM 16 Mb G400. It's not the fastest board in the world, but at least the doors and walls in games will be rendered properly.

Good luck.


28th December 1999, 23:32
Beat me to it, Kruzin.


28th December 1999, 23:42
or if you have even less money...

i'm getting by with a g200 ($50ish) and a celeron 567 for the time being (until the marvelg400 comes down in price or i can find a good vidcap card to go with g400) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

29th December 1999, 12:03
well if i cant do anything i guess i cant do anything. thx for your help anyways, i dont wanna buy a new card so i will hafta play in software mode.

29th December 1999, 16:08
Dude, post some more info so people can help you. I had a G100 and it ran UT just fine. A bit slow, but it still ran it with the correct colored doors and stuff. What other things you got in your system?

29th December 1999, 19:08

heres two screenshots that might help, each just under 400k(sorry modemers)

um.. if it works in opengl/d3d in UT thats GREAT!!! i havent lost hope. here my specs

64meg ram
6.4gig hd(dont think this helps)
ali aladdin V chipset
asus p5a-b motherboard
amd-k6 300mhz
directx 7
latest drivers(yesterday late enuf for you. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif )
i have sbawe32 sound card
my G100 is a productiva g100 w/4meg ram.

btw, i also dont mind if it works w/opengl or d3d but i think d3d is faster not sure though.
i dont have a specialized opengl driver.

btw, what mode did u use in UT.

29th December 1999, 19:14
oh yah, looks kinda the same in unreal too. weapons and ppl are fine, everything else isnt drawn properly, same with quake II, hexen II, you get the point.

30th December 1999, 16:15
since theres nothing i can do can someone suggest me a low price card, not to fancy something that will freakin work.

30th December 1999, 17:22
Well, if you want to stick with Matrox, there's always the 16 Mb G400 SH. Or ...

The cheapest option would be to get a Voodoo2. You probably can get one for a song. You'll be limited to 800x600 resolution, 16-bit color depth for 3D games. It's a 3D-only board that you would connect to you Productiva with a pass through cable. It requires a PCI slot, but doesn't need an IRQ.

When Matrox failed to deliver an OpenGL ICD last year, many G200 users took this route, myself included.

It's not an optimal solution. You're not going to get earth shattering framerates, but it will run most games and your walls and doors will be in color. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


30th December 1999, 21:39
hmmm, you're sure you're using the latest video drivers? Mine ran just fine (at 800X640) in both UT and Drakan and ... I don't know, maybe my card was just plain messed up. ??? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Good luck.

31st December 1999, 14:52
Did u use opengl mode or d3d mode? can u send me the opengl drivers if there are any.

how much memory does ur g100 have???
what resolution were u in???

31st December 1999, 22:04
C'mon guys. You're asking him to perform scientific experiments with a board designed to run Excel.

Nehalmistry, I have two G200's. Email me if you want one.

(This offer is only open to nehalmistry.)


1st January 2000, 04:37
you could try a 3dfx viper 100 card it has 8 megs and it works on opengl direct 3d and glide too and its less than 50 dollars in japan its only 5,000 yen

1st January 2000, 17:26
dang paulcs that was very nic of u what u did for nehal. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif i like these kinda people who reall reach http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

3rd January 2000, 15:34
My Millenium G200, I believe the first video board I ever installed, will spend the remainder of it's days in Mother Canada, playing Unreal and Half Life it appears. I put it in the mail today.

I'm getting a little misty just thinking about it. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


3rd January 2000, 19:39
Millenium G200 eh. well yes, it will spend much time playing unreal and halflife. coming up here to vancouver, canada from america. being an old card to you, it is a new card to me.

I started with a mystique oneseventy
got a millenium 2 easily
then got a g100 "brand new"
im now getting a g200 and sayin "oh phew"

please rate my poem.

4th January 2000, 02:43
Man, you're a real Poet!
But I'm better, but only in German, so, ahem:

"Die Katze sitzt auf der Matratze"

If anyone understands this (Doh, I think Maggi is the only one), the person would say "Oh yeah, what a fine Poem!


PS: Hey People, I cannot believe that you suggest buying a 3DFX Card. If i hear this i get sick

K6-3 400Mhz@450Mhz
G400 16MB, 192MB Ram and so on

4th January 2000, 03:29
Oh ja was für ein tolles Gedicht...

4th January 2000, 03:45
Ja! nicht wahr http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif?