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21st December 1999, 20:24
It seemed no major speed up after a G400 is over-clocked, or still not enough? I managed to over-clock mine from 126(Gclock) to 143, but at this speed it can't pass the bump maping test of 3d mark 99 max.

Does anybody have higher scores?

my system is about PII 400 128MB 15GB

22nd December 1999, 03:29
150/200 g-/mem-clock ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

add aonther fan to the backplate of your G400 right on the center where the chip is located on the other side.


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Celeron 333A @ 500MHz
2 x 128MB CAS2 SDRAM
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and a brand new Pioneer 303S SCSI-DVD

Mike H
22nd December 1999, 06:35
The limit I get out of the G-chip is 162, but the memory on my board only goes to 196 before I start getting artifacts. So I run mine at 156.6/195.75 when playing games. This is a little faster than a stock G-400 Max. I use MGA tweak with 2.5/2/2.5 dividers and 391.5 PLL.

Mike H.

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22nd December 1999, 19:11
I'm running mine at
PLL 455.14
GCLK 182.06 Fo 2.5
MCLK 227.57 Fo 2
WCLK 182.06 Fo 2.5

and still searching for the best sgram optimizations http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

OT, Mike, how come your not running your system @least 133?

22nd December 1999, 19:39
Damnit Mike, I can't even push my FSB past 103 (or 206) and i have the same motherboard as you.
When I go to boot up after changing the FSB to 104 (or 208) I get a windows protection error.

Got any suggestions?

Athlon 500MHz @ 750MHz 1/3
G400 32 meg Dual-Head Vanilla @ 160/200 (401, 2.5/2.0/2.5)

23rd December 1999, 07:23
Zenfe, I've seen that error when I was trying to find my fastest o/c settings, too. It is usually a memory problem- the memory just can't handle the higher bus speed. This isn't the only possibility, but probably the most likely.


26th December 1999, 00:38
got my vanilla g400 running at 158/210 with gx performance tuner,got an extra heatsink and fan bonded to the back of the chip though!!
i cant o/c my p3-500(eb6 mobo) more than 525(105*5.5) without it locking up,any ideas!!

26th December 1999, 06:17
do you have your agp set to 2/3 instead of 1/1?

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Game 1 - Race 65.07 FPS
Game 2 - First Person 54.89 FPS
Fill Rate 268.79 MTexels/s

26th December 1999, 12:37
thanks 4 the info,i'll give it a blast & see what happens!