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25th December 1999, 14:50

My son got the game Monopoly for Xmas, and it will not display a main screen (it remains black). I had Directx 6.1 installed.

I then installed Directx 7, and now I have sound (which I did not have before), but still a black screen. The requirements for Monolopy are: 800x600x16 and Directx 6.1.

I'm using the latest drivers 4.12.013 (power desk) dated 10-7-98. I also have a Voodoo2 card installed.

How do I get this game to work? I've tried the game patches from Matrox web site, but Monopoly was not listed. I'm running Win95b (OSR2.1), 128 megs of ram, and plenty of open hard drive space (>1 gig free).

25th December 1999, 16:40
I had that problem as well...I searched threw the forums and found a fix for using your G400 with voodoo2..seems they don't get along well together

basically you just go to www.leinen.com (http://www.leinen.com) and download there voodoo2 tweaker...

Run voodoo tweaker and under the directx tab you will see "enable direct draw drivers...make sure this is unchecked...
once you do this you should be able to use the G400 with all your games...hope that works..

ooh and it won't effect your voodoo2

25th December 1999, 20:06
While Profit may have misunderstood which Millennium board you're running, he might be on to something. This is a 2D game with minimal requirements, and your Millenium should be able to handle it.

Your Voodoo2 is pretty much a 3D only board. Disable the D3D functions of your Voodoo2 and see what happens. If you intend to play a Direct3D game that requires 3D acceleration, you will have to re-enable it, because the Millenium will most likely not be able to handle it.