View Full Version : g400 (normal) + tgl optimization + athlon + howto ?

25th December 1999, 02:50
hellllllllllllooooooooooo (and happy christmas)

I just want to know some things help me to optimize my g400, and how the turbogl is REALLY activated under athlons system, because i GET ZERO performance over the current ICD ! my quake3 reports correctly that i am using turbogl (using the one from tgl1.0 set) but i don't get something really great.... i achieve to get only 25-29 fps with tgl in 1024*768 all funky options on...
and celery 400@450 with g400 16mb give the same perf with q3.....

Should i activate 32bit z buffer ? i already disabled vsync, and it changed nothing (and something quiet strange my regular icd gives me near 33fps...

If someone with an athlon and regular g400 could post it's bench... (it's with demo1) i swapped my athlon 600 with a 500 one i don't get any performance drop (but the 100 mhz more don't give anything either)