View Full Version : rainbow 6 need some help.

24th December 1999, 06:25
ok ive finished everything else off
(strting to play decent3 now and i hate these mindless shoot every thing and grab a key things.) any way i cannot use a keyboard for rainbow six ivebeen playing all my first person shotters with mouse and ch throttle so long i cant go back. to keyboard.

i seem to remember modifying a file (config) for rainbow six to get unsuported joystick funtions. i might be wrong (memory error i seem to remember doing it then of corse hl came along and rainbow got removed hehe.. well now i want to play it while i wait for the next round of game reviews and demos so i can deside what i want to do. (or maybe that was alien vs prt. that i hacked up "scraches head with a confused look on face.) any one know how to get the z axes on a joystick to work on rainbow six????? (or was that the reson i got rid of it. no joystick) maybe i should get the newer version.