View Full Version : Crap Framerates w/ G200 + NT4

23rd December 1999, 08:38
I've got a G200 Marvel, NT4 and SP5 installed on a pII 350 with 128 megs of ram. My Quake II framerates are absolutely wretched--even with everything turned off, I can't play at over 640x480.

Where should I start to tweak my performance? I don't know the first thing about working with video drivers, really. I've installed PowerDesk 4.22 as it seems more stable than the next higher version.

And, is there a Glide wrapper that I could use? I'm trying to play some emulated N64 games and the emulator I've got (UltraHLE) requires a Glide wrapper.

If you can shoot me a few tips as to what I ought do to get this baby humming, that'd be great.