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20th December 1999, 02:40
Good one Matrox, its finally becoming a benefit to run OpenGL games. I wasn't sure whether I was going to see any improvements from reading the tech doc but now Half Life runs as though its VSync'd instead of having noticable tearing.

The only thing they need to sort out now is why some overlayed poly's (such as explosion marks) are flickering and seem to have alternate scanlines missing. Anyone got any solutions for this?

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20th December 1999, 17:42
Decals (blast marks, blood, etc.) are controlled in HL with the gl_polyoffset variable.

Go to the console, and type gl_polyoffset to see what your current value is. Adjust it up/down in .1 incrinments ("gl_polyoffset "2.1"" for example) until it looks right to you.

20th December 1999, 23:35
Mine did the same thing till I changed my Z-buffer to 32 bit. Then all's good.

20th December 1999, 23:44
To add to Kruzin's comment:

Then edit the autoexec.cfg to change/add the variable. Make sure there is no corresponding variable in config.cfg, because that will override the autoexec.cfg.


22nd December 1999, 02:28
Many thanks guyz...