View Full Version : 32-bit colour & Q3A?

19th December 1999, 18:41

I can't seem to get Q3Ademo to work in 32-bit colour.

I've tried every resolution, none seem to work.

Everytime I switch to 32-bit, my screen goes berserk. I get 2 screens at the top, one on the left and one on the right. The bottom half of the screen just keeps flashing white.

The colours are also screwed up as only purple and green seem to be displayed on the 2 screens at the top. Really weird, almost like a film negative. One interesting thing is when I take a screenshot and take a look at it later, all the colours are fine; albeit with 2 identical images at the top half. (I've got the evidence to prove it http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Anyone know what's going on? It's getting rather annoying.


PS. I'm not using the TurboGL drivers, but that shouldn't matter right?

System specs:
AOpen AX6B
G400 32MB DH

Drivers & BIOS:
PD 5.41 & 1.5-22

19th December 1999, 21:30
Hmmm, that happens to me in HL alot. It's an openGL bug in the drivers. Try adjusting your desktop color depth and then restarting Q3....

20th December 1999, 06:59
When i get this I exit the game and start it again then its fine.

20th December 1999, 23:58
Thanks, restarted Q3 in 32-bit and it worked.