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3rd October 1999, 14:17

you guys got me hooked. The RR-G seems to be the perfect companion for my G400DH32MB, and I'd really like to take a shot at non-linear video editing to gather some experience. I hope you can share some tips as to how I would have to upgrade my hardware to work fluently with RR-G-captured clips.

Unfortunately, my system is quite full, and I have only one interrupt free.
Does the RR-G need an unshared, free interrupt to work in a reliable way?

I understand that video uses up quite some storage space.
Would you recommend a dedicated harddrive just for video, or is it feasible to share a huge, fast drive between the OS, (Photoshop) swapfile(s), apps, images and Audio material? I have a UW SCSI controller installed, but my system's HD is EIDE. I could install two EIDE drives, but the second one would eat up another IRQ, and I don't have a clue how two EIDE drives impact performance. Apart from that, large UW drives are comparably pricey.

For rendering transitions or transcoding MPEG1 to MPEG2, how much processor power do I need? Is video editing / compositing / compressing floating point intensive? At the moment, I have an AMD K6-II 350, but the prices on the AMD K6-III 450 are dropping by the week. If I got more serious with multimedia-quality video editing (i.e. playing clips from 4x-8x CD-ROM for presentations), would I profit much from the faster processor (and faster 2nd Level cache)?

Is video editing RAM-intensive? I hope you can get along well with 128MB, but when the prices drop again, would 256MB make sense in terms of responsiveness?

Then of course, I'd have to lend or buy a (used) video camera to shoot some clips.
What analog source material would complement the RR-G's quality best? Can I get away with a VHS model (big beasts to carry on your shoulder http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif, or should I look for an SVHS/Hi-8 camcorder?

What's the bundled editing software like? Is there an affordable competitor for Premiere that's like Paintshop Pro compared to Photoshop? I am a freak for shortcuts and productive software with a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for paying attention to this longish posting. I'd really appreciate your comments.

Greetings from Germany,

ASUS P5A, AMD K6-II350CXT, 128MB RAM, IBM 8GB DHEA-EIDE HD, G400DH32MB, Dawi 2976 UW SCSI controller, Guillemot Maxi Sound Homestudio 64 (ISA), 3Com LAN (ISA), Pioneer SCSI CD-ROM, TEAC 4x SCSI CD-R, parallel iomega zip, Wacom Artpad II, Photosmart Scanner, Umax S12 Scanner, Sony OEM 21" monitor. Running Win95 OSR 2.1QFE.

3rd October 1999, 14:41
Hi Sven,

Wow, a lot of questions. First, RR-G will not require it's own IRQ, it shares the one used by the G400.

You should be aware that the RR-G drivers for use with the G400 are still beta drivers and aren't yet fully functional.

You certainly need a seperate drive for capturing AVI, and this needs to be religiously monitored for use and defragged before each session. Eide will do for this, but if you have the money a SCSCI device will be cool too. Currently I am using a 4.3 UDMA33 as prime drive (OS & Apps) and an 8.4 for AVI capture only.