View Full Version : TurboGL & Unreal Tourn

19th December 1999, 04:29
Does anyone know how to get Unreal Tournament to work with TurboGL. OpenGL is dog slow, TurboGL is just as bad, I am currently running it in D3D on my g400max. I've read that the opengl and turbogl files need to be together but where??


19th December 1999, 17:03
ok the opengl implementation in UT is horrible and is very beta, that is epic or GTs fault and is no fault of the matrox opengl or turbogl driver. Pretty much anyone I have seen cant play UT playable in opengl. Stick with direct3d


20th December 1999, 09:33
Just installing the latest TurboGL, then choosing the button in the Options->Preferences (of UT) to change the 3D support allows me to use the turboGL with UT. UT won't detect it, so you have to select the Show all modes (or something like that) to see the OpenGL option. After doing this I ran UT in the turboGL for a bit, using 800x600x32bit. Unfortunately, while extremely pretty (nice, nice, nice eye-candy), it was also hitching around quite a bit. So I switched back to D3D, and its slightly less pretty image, in favor of better framerates with a still good image.